What’s involved in leading?

As a leader on a CRU Day Camp, you’ll have the opportunity to share the gospel not just through your words but also through how you live your life on camp. Please see below for a list of what’s involved in leading on a CRU Day Camp:

On camp

  • Hang out with kids and share God’s love with them through action and words

  • Run or help run a small group

  • Be involved in an element of Christian Discovery time (e.g. memory verse, singing)

  • Run or help run a CRU Day Camps planned activity on camp (e.g. initiative games, craft activity)

  • Be on camp each day and for the set times (usually 7:45am – 6:30pm - see a typical camp day here)

Before camp

  • Complete online child protection training (~1hr)

  • Complete an online volunteer registration

  • Provide a Working With Children Check number (if over 18 years of age)

  • Attend 2 pre-camp meetings (usually Sunday afternoons)

  • Attend pre-season VOLT training event if available

  • Contribute the set leaders fee to cover the cost of food and activities ($10 per day – sponsorship available on application)

After camp

  • Attend 1 post-camp celebration meeting

  • Connect interested kids into your church


Apply today

Assistant Leader Application

If you're in high school and your school is partnering with CRU to run a Day Camp, please click here to apply to be an Assistant Leader.

Expression of interest

Interested in leading on a CRU Camp but haven't been in contact with us before? Click here to fill out an expression of interest form on the CRU Camps website.

CAMP Leader registration

If you have already been in contact with CRU Day Camps about leading on a camp, click here to view the instructions for registration.



In addition to leaders, it is beneficial to have a number of helpers who are not directly involved with the campers but are there to support the team through preparing food, setting up activities, signing campers in and out and other practical tasks.

What’s involved in helping?

On camp

  • Be involved in an element of camp other than directly leading campers such as: sign in/out, kitchen coordinating, kitchen helping, running an activity, set up/pack up etc.

  • Be on camp as available

Before camp

  • Complete an online helper registration including providing a Working With Children Check number*

  • Contribute the set leaders fee to cover the cost of food and activities ($10 per day – sponsorship available on application)

  • NB: Helpers are not usually required to attend team meeting though are most welcome



Can I be involved part time?

Ideally, we want leaders to be involved full-time in order to maximise the relationships they can build with campers. However, there are opportunities for a limited number of leaders and helpers to be involved part-time in the camp program. This may involve coming for full hours on some of the days (e.g. 3 out of 5 days) or may involve coming for some of the hours on all of the days (e.g. come every day but leave at lunch time).

Can I bring my kids along on camp?

Most certainly, in fact to assist parents in bringing their kids along while leading, we extend our staff discount to children of volunteers. That means you can receive 40% off the full cost of camp for your children if you’re involved as a volunteer.**


*Helpers may stay on camp for up to 14 hours on a single day, or up to an average of 4 hours per day over the course of the program (i.e.: a 5-day camp would have a 20hr limit). If they exceed these time limits, they are considered a leader and must complete a full leader registration.

**Must be involved for at least 50% of camp hours. Cannot be combined with any other offer or sponsorship.