A few weeks before the start of your camp you will receive a camp specific information letter which includes what to bring, start and finish times, transport information, emergency contact details and other important details. This letter can also be found on the webpage of the particular camp your child is attending on the CRU Camps website.

Most CRU Day Campers will need to bring a small day pack with the following items (clearly labelled with campers name):

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent

  • Bible, notebook and pen (optional)

  • Water bottle

  • Change of clothes recommended for campers in years K-2

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea are provided by the camp unless otherwise specified

Activity specific items:
Certain activities, such as cooking or swimming, may require more specific items which may only be needed on certain days of camp. Please make sure you read your camp specific information letter carefully.

Please make sure everything is clearly marked with your child’s name and we recommend you don’t pack expensive items e.g mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods, laptops etc. The Crusader Union of Australia accepts no responsibility for personal property that your child brings to camp.

What to bring for anaphylaxis:
If campers have been diagnosed with anaphylaxis, parents are requested to provide the following items:

  • Two adrenaline auto-injectors in a sealed bag/container (Epi-pen/Ana-pen) with accompanying sets of instructions for the administration of the auto-injector.

  • A printed copy of the child’s action plan.

  • An identifying wearable band or tag that lists the condition.

We also request that parents show the camp 1st aider or director how to use the particular type of auto-injector.


Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea
Unless otherwise advised or for special dietary reasons, these are normally provided.

Food containing nuts
Campers often have nut allergies/anaphylaxis. We ask that your child does not bring foods to camp that contain or are made using nuts.

Mobile Phones
Campers who wish to contact their parents may ask the director for permission to do so. We strongly recommended that campers do not bring their mobile phones as they can be intrusive and detrimental to building camp community. You will be given the contact details for the Camp Director and we recommend that you contact your child via this method. Your child’s health and well being is our first priority. If they are finding camp difficult, or are not well, we will contact you at the first opportunity.

Drugs and Alcohol
CRU Camps do not permit the use of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs or smoking on camps. Anyone found in breach of this can expect to be sent home immediately.