General Questions

What if my child doesn’t know anyone else on camp?
Most CRU Day Camps have a few campers who arrive not knowing anyone else. Our leaders are trained to watch, care for and help campers to feel part of the group. Camper surveys consistently show that over 95% of campers felt well cared for, made new friends and want to come on camp again.

Who looks after the campers?
A team of energetic, committed, Christian leaders look after the campers throughout camp. All leaders are reference checked, trained in child protection procedures and have completed government child protection requirements. In addition to adult leaders, a number of Day Camps involve Junior Leaders who will get right alongside your child throughout the week.

How many leaders are on each camp?
All CRU Day Camps have an unequalled standard of care with at least 1 leader for every 5 campers, meaning that your child will be well looked after.

What does my child need to take on camp?
Two weeks before camp you will receive a ‘camp information pack’ by email with all the details of what your child will need to bring to camp. This information will also be available for download on the camps unique page on our website. In the meantime you can also see our Typical Pack List.

What is the daily program for camp?
With a growing range of CRU Day Camps featuring a variety of exciting activities, each camp’s daily program is different. However, for a general idea, check out our Typical Camp Day.

What is the Christian component of the camps?
Each day of camp features a short, age appropriate Bible presentation and small group time for campers to talk about issues in greater depth and ask questions about God, life and everything.

Will the camp be suited to my child’s age?
We understand there is a big developmental difference between a child in Kindergarten and a child in Year 6! Our leaders make an effort to differentiate activities and games based on age to make camp enjoyable for all! On larger Day Camps, programs are split during various parts of camp to include separate infants (K-2) and primary (3-6) streams.

Are the camp activities safe?
CRU Day Camps have an excellent safety record, and we work hard to keep this high standard. Of course there is an element of risk to everything we do in life and camp activities are no exception. CRU Day Camps minimise risk in a variety of ways including risk assessments, high leader to camper ratios, trained activity guides and performing regular equipment checks to maintain industry safety standards.

Dietary and Medical Questions

What meals are provided on a CRU Day Camp?
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided during camp. Lunch may be a hot or cold meal. Morning teas usually consist of baked snacks and fruit.

Do you cater for children with special dietary requirements?
Yes, please provide a comprehensive list of dietary requirements when registering your child onto camp. We are able to cater for most children with special dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose intolerance. In certain circumstances, parents may be required to provide special food for their child to bring to camp. Please view our Medical and Dietary Concerns (on CRU Camps website) page for details.

Can you take care of my child’s special medical requirements?
Part of the camper registration process is to inform us of any medical conditions or requirements your child might have that could impact their camp. Our First Aid officers are equipped to administer medication as stipulated by you at registration.

How are medical incidents dealt with on camp?
Every CRU Day Camp has at least two Senior First Aid qualified leaders who will deliver first-response treatment in the event of an injury or illness. A decision is then made about whether further medical attention is needed and if the camper needs to visit a medical centre or hospital. The Camp Director will contact you as soon as possible if outside medical attention is needed for your child and if any major incidents occur involving your child.

Will I be contacted if something goes wrong with my child whilst on camp?
The vast majority of campers have a great time on CRU Day Camps, although they may go through some highs and lows along the way – it’s all part of the learning experience. CRU Day Camp leaders will deal with any minor incidents/concerns in the first instance, and these can usually be resolved within the camp environment. The Camp Director will contact you if there is a significant health issue or medical incident, or if there is an emotional issue which cannot be resolved on camp. Remember – over 95% of campers indicate on surveys that they love camp so much that they want to go on another one!

Are the leaders trained to handle emergencies?
Every CRU Day Camp has at least two qualified Senior First Aid officers on team to offer immediate assistance where necessary. The Director of each camp has medical and emergency contact information if required. CRU Day Camps also have a doctor on call throughout each holiday season to offer advice if needed. CRU Day Camps staff monitor emergency warnings and take precautions in the case of hazardous events.

Registration and Booking Questions

Can I book my child in for only some days of camp?
CRU Day Camps are programmed as full camp programs and each day builds on previous days. In addition, we value the relationships that campers build with each other and with their leaders over the full duration of camp and don’t want campers to miss out on shared experiences which may limit the growth of these relationships.

We do not offer discounts for only attending part of camp. We only offer a full camp program. However, if your child needs to leave early or arrive late on a day or miss a day of camp for any reason, this can be accommodated. Please let the CRU Camps office and the camp director know as soon as you are aware of any times your child is unable to attend camp.

Can I book my child onto a Day Camp if they are not in one of the advertised school years for camp?
Children outside the advertised age range are not normally accepted onto camp.

Does a child care payment apply?
As of July 2 2018, CRU Day Camps are not eligible for any Child Care Benefit or Child Care Subsidy payments.

Is financial assistance available?
We don’t want any child to miss out on the CRU Day Camp experience. We can arrange Payment Plans to allow families to pay camp fees in installments. Plus a Sponsorship Fund (on CRU Camps website) exists to help families who are struggling financially to send their children to camp. You can apply for sponsorship online (via CRU Camps website) or by contacting our Bookings Coordinator on 02 9874 8933 (option 1).

To give other children the opportunity to experience a CRU Camp, please consider donating to our Sponsorship Fund during the registration process or click here to donate now (via Crusaders website).